In case you missed it, the other day on the Morning Show, we discussed an interesting list on signs that made you realize you were middle aged. I'm not entirely sure what "middle aged" is suppose to mean- or what age it's set at, I do know that I sometimes get the feeling I'm old.

Aside from Buzz- I don't think Lisa, Brandon and I are considered "middle aged". The survey itself said that people consider themselves middle aged until they're 47- three of us on the show haven't reached that age. However, we have all noticed signs that we're getting older. Here's how each member of the show saw the signs of middle age. I'll go first:


One day I was young, wild and free and the next I was super excited about dish detergent. However, this wasn't just any dish detergent, it was Dawn Power Wash! I had seen many people on TikTok using it and showing it's magical powers! When I saw it at the store I got excited and was looking forward to cleaning and washing dishes- and that's when I knew "Crap. I'm getting old." BTW- this is the Dawn Power Wash- it comes in a three pack at Sam's FYI..

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Brandon had probably the most painful experience of them all- he got kidney stones! I'm sure you can get kidney stones at any age- but for Brandon- that was the moment he knew "oh, crap, I'm getting older!". Brandon eventually recovered but the experience is ingrained in his mind.


Lisa has been questioning her food habits- mainly her choice in hot sauce. In conclusion, Lisa has discovered that she does not like hot sauce- or maybe she's eating the wrong kind. Lisa has never questioned her food decisions until recently.


Buzz- who is probably at middle age- discovered he was old while out one night. While have a nice evening at a local bar, Buzz took a spill, he fell on his back and no one laughed; instead they all ran to his aide, concerned that he may have broken something- and that's when Buzz knew he was getting older.

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