KLAQ had owned some wild rides that apparently seemed like a driving hazard in the past according to some. I definitely remember my share of good old times inside the KLAQ hummer. Hell, some of those times I almost thought we were not going to make it to our destination.

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There once was a time when Peter Carrillo another KLAQ jock you heard would drive the hummer and had to stay off the freeway because it wouldn't go over 50 or something. But since then and over the years the KLAQ Hummer had some work done that really improved its drive.

The boss man Brad Dubow asked KLAQ jock, Ray Arreola, to give it a test drive on different roads. Ray Arreola invited me to tag along for the wild adventure for a quick cruise around town.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

Now let me tell you how great it felt to be getting to ride in that old bad boy again after all these years. One thing for sure is the KLAQ Hummer is definitely riding like new again after cruising on the street and even hopping on I-10 East.

So, when Ray Arreola invited me along I jumped on that offer real quick so I could share some of the cruising we did, with you. While I was filming in the passenger seat a lot of co-workers had some jokes to share before we rode off.

But I am not the only person that has some fond memories involving the KLAQ Hummer. Feel free to check out the adventure Ray Arreola and I went on in the KLAQ Hummer below.

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