If you want to scare your trick or treaters this Halloween, this will definitely do the trick! This pumpkin mask that the attacker is wearing is quite frightful and even scares me.

Scary Prank Show had to show off this pumpkin killer prank that would scare anyone it happened to. This prank showed the true colors of certain victims in the video as you get further into it. The specific victims I am talking about are the men that leave their woman to fend for herself. It was hilarious to watch the men take off like a bat out of hell without even worrying about their lady. There are some El Pasoans that get a kick out of scaring kids, teens and parents that trick or treat. This kind of prank would make it a Halloween to remember and NEVER forget. If you do decide to scare people this Halloween, don't use any props like the dude above.

If you plan on scaring people this Halloween, hopefully you don't get hurt in return!