You've seen Greg Wilson on Modern Family, Bones and TMZ but will be able to see him in person again soon! The well known comedian is returning to the Comic Strip with his comedic real life stories.

Greg Wilson will be in town from April 12th through April 15th next month. You always burst out with a laugh when this male comedian comes to mind. He's been featured in Modern Family, Bones and the most recent Con Man. This is the type of man who can sugar coat the funniest insult and still be a gentleman about it. He's got more in store for us and has no shame displaying for his fans to see. Greg always knows what situations to openly talk about that he's dealt with in life. For example, the video above is talking about one of his ex-girlfriend's from his past. One of the many qualities to Greg Wilson is he's such a sweetheart when it comes to the ladies.

If you want to laugh at someone else's expense, this is the guy responsible for sore (face) cheeks and stomach!

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