If you've noticed a new drink flavor at Mickey D's you're not imagining it, that is indeed Sprite TropicBerry you're seeing! But, the new soda came at a consequence, McDonald's removed Hi-C Orange in order to make room for the new Sprite. When they announced the removal of the drink A YEAR AGO (!) people were upset. And it seems like they're still not over it.

I totally get it. Hi-C Orange was my favorite back in the day, it's the flavor of my youth! And while the resurrection of the Szechuan sauce was a success, it has the internet thinking they could possibly bring back this drink!

So far no word yet from McDonald's on whether this outrage is enough to bring back Hi-C Orange, but if we can get a sauce to come back after it caused a complete disaster how hard can it be to bring one drink back? Internet, do your thing, get us our Hi-C Orange back!


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