Last week, McDonald's announced that they were changing their apple pie recipe and apparently, I was the last to know! According to the chain, the new recipe contains less sugar, more cinnamon and a "simplified ingredients list."  It's also changing the way it looks. Instead of being covered in dough with the slits, it now has a "lattice crust" on top. This is what it looks like now, and people are not happy.

People are expressing their discontent on Twitter:

Some even asked the question that we all have:

According to McDonald's spokesperson named Tiffany Briggs, the change is all part of a series of changes made to various menu items deemed as "positive changes." Other changes include removing artificial preservatives from the McNuggets and using real butter for the breakfast sandwiches because "those changes matter to our guests." I haven't tried the new recipe apple pie, but I'm totally going to now!