Illinois may be the first first state to see the new McDonald's answer to Starbucks, but Texas will indeed see it as well in 2024. In case you missed the news, McDonald's announced a new restaurant called CosMc's. To say it got the attention of the news, well...that's putting it mildly. It was ALL OVER the news.


So we definitely know it's here & what the people in Bolingbrook, Illinois can experience. But it WILL be coming to at least 2 Texas cities next year.

Where will CosMcs open in Texas?

So far they have announced a total of 10 pilot locations within the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as San Antonio. They haven't put the locations online yet; the only one that people can see is the one in Bolingbrook on their website.

While Dallas & San Antonio are great choices, I personally feel like there should be more Texas cities if they want to put these "pilot" locations. While of course I would pick El Paso, I would actually choose Houston or Austin.

The reason why I would choose Houston is that it's the Texas city with the MOST McDonald's restaurants; 130 of them exist in H-Town. I think because Houston has the most spots, it deserves one of the first CosMc's.

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Although Austin would also be a good choice; while it has 34 McDonald's restaurants, it IS home to the OLDEST restaurant that opened up in 1962 in Captiol Plaza. Why not add this "historic" event in a city that has the most historic McDonald's restaurant in the whole state?

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Now of course I'd love to see one in El Paso so we can try it for ourselves, but until then, we'll have to wait to see if we will get more spots in Texas in the future.

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