Who doesn't love Hi-C? I know I do. That's why when Mcdonald's took Hi-C Orange off of the menu YEARS AGO, I was bummed. Well...I got good news.... it's coming back for 2021.


Growing up, I remembered drinking Hi-C Orange A TON as a kid. When I used to live on Ft Bliss, my mom & I would always stop at McDonald's after school,& it was the best with my chicken nuggets. Being a college student at UTEP, & I needed to watch my budget (something I STILL DO to this day), just having the Hi-C was enough to get me through the day & hold me over so I can study & get my assignments done. Not to mention, after a show & a long of night of playing drums, it was a great drink to cool off with. So many nights after playing at King's X, or The Lowbrow Palace, or Tricky Falls (R.I.P.), I would frequent McDonald's & just enjoy a nice orange Hi-C.

I was extremely bummed when they took it off the menu back in 2017, so when I found out today that they were bringing it back in this summer for 2021... well... maybe this year won't be so bad after all.

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