Horror flicks will sometimes kill your good vibes sometimes. Just like one particular flick that broke my bond with a toy I used to play with. You may be familiar with it, there was a My Buddy for boys and Kid Sister for girls. I owned My Buddy and carried him everywhere I went from the time I got him until it all came to an end. I blame the creators of Child's Play since they ruined the image of my buddy. They released My Buddy in 1985 and all of a sudden 3 years later Chucky was made in 1988. I remember vividly sitting on the floor next to My Buddy when I saw the first trailer of After seeing the trailer to Child's Play. If you had the same doll then you know you felt the same fear I did. I know you were wondering the same thing if your own buddy would stab you in the back like that. The Chucky movies were not the only films that killed good vibes for some people. The first time I saw the movie The Possession I NEVER visited a garage or yard sale ever again.

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