The talk that has been going around El Paso lately has been of the not so new but kinda horror film, Veronica. I have conditions when it comes to watching a horror flick with the person who picked to see it.

If you ask me to come along to see a movie with you and it's a horror film I got rules. If I agree to see a scary movie means that you agree to see it during the day so that there's still sunlight when we leave. There's a new horror film that has been putting my name in everyone's mouth. Sony Pictures Espana published this trailer last year in July but lately has taken over the spotlight. I have already had conversations with different friends about this horror flick Veronica. Some friends have said that it really is the scariest movie while some couldn't finish the film. Then you also have those that just laugh or can actually fall asleep to horror sounds.

Just by watching the trailer would you say Veronica is horrific or horrible? Take the poll below!

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