If you want to ever scare your kid straight and have them fear bad behavior, this will do the trick! Everyone loves dolls except for THIS particular doll that everyone would HATE to receive as a gift.

I will admit when I was a little girl many years ago I owned a My Buddy doll (yes the boy version) that I loved. After seeing the movie Chucky, I denied having him tag along anywhere I would go real quick. Well, this is going to be the very first time you witness a child actually run away from a present! This family knew exactly what they were getting themselves into after presenting their daughter with a creepy present. Now if this little girl has been on the nice list and these parents pulled off this prank just for the hell of it...sucks. You can see her reaction thanks to Break Clips for publishing this funny prank.

This would be a good present from Santa to scare your children into behaving better or he will leave toys like this!