Quarantine has sucked for everyone, but I'm at least trying to find the good things that have happened for me, no matter how small they are. While people all around the world have been sheltering at home, it’s been hard for their mental health. It doesn’t matter if you’re isolating alone, with kids, or taking care of elderly family members, every situation has its own obstacles that you must face. It’s easy to get stuck inside your home, inside your own mind and really miss life before quarantine. There are obvious things we all miss from our pre-quarantine lives but there are some good things that have occurred since, if you’re willing to look at even the tiniest details. Here is my list of the good things for me that have happened during quarantine.

The Good Moments For Me That Came Out Of Quarantine Are...

While these things may seem small or insignificant to other people, these are big things to me. During a time when many don’t know if they’ll be able to go back to their office again, if they still have a job, or if their favorite restaurant will be able to open again, these moments are big. Life as we know it has changed and it can be hard to continue having a positive outlook. Looking at these small accomplishments can be beneficial for someone who finds themselves having a difficult time during quarantine. Look at all the aspects if your life and see what has changed- for the better. Have you been able to read some extra books? Been able to work out more? Watched a show or movie you've been wanting to see? Or got to spend more time with your immediate family? All of these could be the good things that have happened to you during quarantine.

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