To all of you who hate the Kardashians, at least it isn't your job to talk about them everyday. Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians are always up in your newsfeed. There really isn't a middle ground, people either can't stop finding out more about them, or they want to gouge their eyes out if they have to stare at Kim's inflated butt one more time. At least you don't have to be like this newscaster, who has to talk about them almost daily because it is a part of his job.

Fox 35 in Orlando, Florida has a newscaster who has become a hero to many in the United States. John Brown got up and left the stage after his colleagues brought up the "story," that Kylie Jenner named her new pet rabbit Bruce, after her father before his transformation into Caitlyn. He threw up his hands and exclaimed,

 “It’s a non-story! We’re talking about this family every freaking day on this show! Nobody cares about this family anymore! It’s enough! It’s Friday! I want to have a good Friday! I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians!”

Well, his colleagues laughed while one said his face "looks like a tomato right now," something you can't see because he was already off the set away from any Kardashian talk. So to everyone out there who can't stand the thought of a Kardashian and what one got for her birthday, what cleavage barely maternity wear Kim is wearing, what basketball player another is dating you are not alone. But until the day people stop licking on these stories, they will sadly always be in your newsfeed and all over the media.

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