A while back, Matt from Trivium got into food. REALLY into food. While on the road, he began wandering around town looking for local restaurants to sample their food, and he started a blog where he'd write about the meals he was experiencing in each town the band would hit while on tour.

A little over a year ago, a couple of the guys from In Flames decided to open a restaurant with their time off from the band. So 2112 was born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

When the In Flames found out about Matt's blog, they challenged him to a food war at their restaurant since they were touring together.

Apparently being a food guy is the new cool thing, so I'm off to the book store to find myself some cookbooks. Enjoy these videos, and then I'll meet you in the Cooking section!

The food "war" finally happened, and the video with the meal and the bands talking about how everything came about.

If you want to read Matt's review of the meal, check out his blog.

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