In Flames

In Flames Concert Cut Short After Bomb Threat
The audience at last night’s (Feb. 9) Albuquerque, N.M., stop on the In Flames and Trivium tour missed out on seeing the full experience, due to a bomb threat that forced In Flames to cut their set short before completing their final song of the show.
The Food War is On – Trivium vs In Flames
A while back, Matt from Trivium got into food. REALLY into food. While on the road, he began wandering around town looking for local restaurants to sample their food, and he started a blog where he'd write about the meals he was experiencing in each town the band would hit while on tour.
New In Flames Song “Deliver Us” On KLAQ Rocks
I've been listening to In Flames off and on for years now, and while they're not as heavy as they were back on Clayman or Colony, they've always had their melodic side. With the new album Sounds of a Playground Fading, they seem to have hit a really catchy and melodic, yet still heavy…