The El Paso urge is strong right, well it is, at least, according to Twitter.

If you've noticed on social media the phrase "the urge to..." and are confused, allow me to explain.

According to "Know Your Meme", it all began with the phrase "the feminine urge to..." which referred to a concept to ironically describe female tendencies and traits. Apparently the phrase began in 2009, but it really gained traction in April of 2021, and it morphed into other phrases like "the masculine urge" or, as El Paso Twitter has discovered: "The El Paso Urge".

El Paso Twitter has caught on to the phrase and have revealed their favorites like:

Recently, all of us on the Morning Show played the Urban Dictionary Game with the phrase "ay ay" and I think lots of people found out that this is totally an El Paso thing.

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With the season changing, the Sun City can get a little dull, so the urge to go elsewhere is strong right now as this Tweet shows:

I'm here to tell you now that wanting to go to Ruidoso is not lame.

And even if you don't get out of El Paso for a while, at least the sunsets are pretty to look at!

Yes, the sunset in El Paso is great to look at from any side of town.

Some El Pasoans decided to take it old school and bring up the dance craze that I grew up with:

Not going to lie, sometimes I get the urge to start rebelling too!

And finally, this one urge is one I hear many times:

If I had to choose and El Paso urge, it actually be to fight that El Paso urge to take pictures at San Jacinto Plaza during Winterfest!  LOOK AT THOSE LINES!

joanna barba
joanna barba


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