courtesy homesdsgn
courtesy homesdsgn

When deciding what my first post for the site should be, inspiration struck in the form of 3 vodka tonics, copious amounts of Michelob Ultra, and a completely irrational fear of the zombie apocalypse. And thus I found this house online, the first zombie-proof house!

I'm absolutely terrified of Dec. 21st 2012 and I'm a proud owner of The Zombie Survival Guide. That day you will find me sitting on top of a keg with the tap in my mouth, machine gun in hand, waiting for a horde of the undead to come eat my brain. Feel free to join.

Instead of drinking their fears away, these people decided to build a concrete house dubbed, "The Safe House." This two story architectural masterpiece boasts 6,100 feet of modern living including indoor and outdoor living areas, fountains, landscaped lawns, panoramic views of the entire property, and even an indoor swimming pool.

The best part of this house is the security to stop the undead when they come to trick or treat. The only entrance is through a second story drawbridge and the entire house, including windows, closes upon itself at nighttime. Another flippin sweet perk? The aluminum roll down gate that covers the entire back of the house also doubles as an outside projection screen to watch movies.

This is the best way to live out the end of the world. My vote is we all pitch in to buy the house and when the apocalypse comes we can start the new season of The Real World: The Apocalypse.

You can read more about the zombie proof house here.

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