Welcome to another week of staying at home. How are you all coping? It's tough, I know. I have been coping well, thank you for asking. I'm spending my time watching movies- new and old favorites. I suspect many are also watching movies- through streaming and other uses- like, DVD's and Blu-Ray's are still a thing! If you've opted to watch streaming and are getting tired of the movies you've already seen, you're in luck! Movie studios are releasing some of their new movies early and for purchase, you can check out a list of movies available for purchase here.

Because I'm watching so many movies, I'm compiling lists that may be helpful in these uncertain times. The lists mainly consists of movies at the end of the world, but with some humor, and movies set in the future that didn't really prepare us for 2020. Today, I come to you with a new list. Yes, the movies listed are basically about the end of the world, but also, they don't have totally depressing endings, because in these uncertain times, we could all use a happy ending. Wait, that didn't really come out right. Well, you know what I mean. Here are five apocalypse movies that don't have a totally depressing ending.

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