If murder hornets were on your apocalypse bingo this is your moment! If you thought that 2020 wouldn't get any more weird, then mother nature has released the murder hornets! The murder hornet is a two inch long flying deadly insect. Called the "murder hornet" because, while it is known for killing at least 50 people a year, they're more known for murdering bee populations. Now they're in the U.S.

According to experts, murder hornets are at their most dangerous in late summer all the way to early fall where they are notorious for devastating honey bee populations. Experts also say that although murder hornets don't usually go after humans, when they do, not even a beekeeping suit will protect you. Apparently the hornets' stingers are longer and more dangerous than a bee sting. Experts say the sting of a murder hornet is "painful and packed with neurotoxins" and even if someone isn't allergic to stings, multiple stings have the potential to kill. So, while stay at home orders are being lifted, maybe wait it out until late fall? Save the bees, stay inside and check out my list of recommended killer insect movies!

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