If you are considering buying an electric vehicle, maybe you should hold off on that. The only reason I say that is because of something I came across the other day.

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Since gas prices started going up there have been people trading in their gas vehicles for electric ones. Despite driving a gas guzzler I personally couldn't switch to electric but that's just me.

But the people who are considering ditching their gas ride for an electric ride should know something. For example, when you're traveling out of town you're guaranteed to find all sorts of gas stations.

But just imagine having to hunt down a place to charge up your vehicle electrically would stress someone out. There was a survey done that shows what cities in the United States are the most stressed involving charging an EV.

via The Clunker Junker
via The Clunker Junker

According to The Clunker Junker El Paso, Texas is among the most stressful places for electric vehicle drivers. The Clunker Junker shows a graph exposing the most stressful cities to charge an electric vehicle.

As you will notice on the graph it shows El Paso, Texas comes in at 31.2% which is definitely up there with Oakland, California. Thanks to the people stress tweeting about charging their vehicles The Clunker Junker was able to come up with a useful and helpful graph.

So if you have been pondering the idea of getting an electric vehicle, this may change your mind. But for now, it doesn't hurt to ponder the thought and seriously think about this major decision before acting on it.

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