El Paso has been known to have its fair share of decent and not so decent drivers. Not so decent drivers are the ones who are unaware of things on the road. Some people tend to be in so much of a rush that they forget simple everyday tasks. Either this El Pasoan forgot to lower the cart or it malfunctioned and broke. There are some things that can play into the factor for what you will see in the video above. It could be that the work truck malfunctioned and the driver had to drive it as is. Another reason could be that the dude honestly forgot and accidentally left it up. We don't exactly know the reason but we do know the driver successfully avoided causing an accident on the freeway. The video that another driver filmed (above) will have you on the edge of your seat several times.

As I replayed this video I recall seeing in the past still managed to spook me. This video still gives others anxiety every time they watch it. Now some are curious about how the driver ignored the blinking lights and sounds that warn you about the bucket. It's a good thing nothing bad happened that would shut down I-10 like the semi-truck did that one year. There were different times you could have sworn the truck's bucket was going to clash with the signs on the freeway. Luckily, no one got hurt and nothing was damaged from the incident above. The driver in the work truck is seriously the luckiest person with the best luck apparently.

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