We’re gearing up for a naughty night of fun at Q-rotica, but with everything fun comes a few rules. According to the health department and a few other folks, there are some dos and don’ts we must abide by.


1. No nips. As much as some of the folks at KLAQ would love to see them, ladies, you gotta cover up your nipples. (cue sad music here) For guys, no one wants to see your nips anyway.

2. No pubic hair. Serious. It’s 2013 and NO ONE wants to see that anyway. Cover that up!

3. No exposed genitalia. We’re not saying you don’t have a show-stopping ass, but you gotta leave a little to the imagination. Please cover your bits.


1. Dress up. If a night for you to let your freak flag fly. We encourage you to dress up in anything from a sexy corset to a slightly-disturbing “Brony” getup including leather, lace, fishnet, bondage gear, latex, body paint, and lingerie. We want you to have fun, so come wearing what arouses you!

2. Be social. When else will you be in a room full of people who appreciate erotica as much as you? Walk around, meet people, and let us take your photo! We promise not to show your boss.

3. Buy tickets early. Tickets are $15 in advance, $25 at the door. We’ve also got less than 50 pairs of VIP tickets at a premium price which includes bottle service, private seating, and other perks.

4. Register to win tickets. Just click here!

Any other questions? Ask us in the comments section below.



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