This morning someone contacted the show to ask if "bronies" would be welcome to Q-Rotica which is a week from Friday.

To my shame, I was the only one in the studio who knew what a "brony" was.

Here's the definition from Urban Dictionary:

A name typically given to the older, male viewers/fans  of the My Little Pony show or franchise.

At first I thought this was something hipster pretended to be into just to be ironic and...hip. I have found out, however, that it is a real and, in some cases, sincere movement. They have conventions and fan forums. They also have...this!  Click on the jump and tell me this isn't the most deviant, perverted Etsy listing you've ever seen...



Since this morning I have received numerous (2) e-mails from bronies informing me that there is nothing sexual about bronyism. They just enjoy the cartoon's writing and humor. I accept that that may be so. I own Spongebob PJs, so who am I to judge?

However, just as there is a light and a dark side of the force, so there appears to be two sides of the brony movement. The above Etsy listing is obviously geared toward the Brony Sith.  Let's examine a bit closer...

The person who made this item was willing to take a minimum of 55 British pounds for his/her creation. That's, like, 90 bucks! However, the bidding has driven the price up to over 200 pounds which is somewhere around 175 dollars U.S.!!   It is a one of a kind object though, which might explain the heated bidding war (74 total bids).

Speaking of things being heated, check out this part...

Thank God, it's made from fire-retardant material. Because when you're really into the moment the intense friction of your boner going in and out of a plush sex-pony-toy can get to Space Shuttle re-entry levels. Also, it comes from a smoke-free home because if your felt equine spooge receptacle smelled like cigarettes, that would be just gross.

"Hey, Kevin? Jason. Listen, I'm calling you and the other bronies to let you know the ganger we'd planned for later is off. Yeah, the lady won't accept returns and I paid 200 British pounds so me and the pony are just going to stay in tonight and watch Homeland."