Get ready El Paso. The heat is on the horizon. We have warmed up to consistently being over 90 degrees, but those triple digits are just around the corner. I check The Weather Channel's website every morning, and I even have the El Paso 10 day forecast open on two different computers. I'm currently getting two different sets of 10 day forecasts. They're both right in the same ballpark but each one is slightly different.

One of the pages show us hitting triple digits for the first time Sunday, while the other doesn't have it hitting until Tuesday. Either way, it looks like we're going to be hitting 100 plus degrees within the next week. It's also not going to be a one day thing. We're not going to hit 100 degrees and then go right back down. It looks like it'll be here for a few days. Here is what one of the forecasts look like:

  • Saturday, June 5th - 98°
  • Sunday, June 6th - 100°
  • Monday, June 7th - 100°
  • Tuesday, June 8th - 100°
  • Wednesday, June 9th - 102°
  • Thursday, June 10th - 103°
  • Friday, June 11th - 101°
  • Saturday, June 12th - 98°

The other forecast looks like this:

  • Saturday, June 5th - 96°
  • Sunday, June 6th - 99°
  • Monday, June 7th - 99°
  • Tuesday, June 8th - 100°
  • Wednesday, June 9th - 101°
  • Thursday, June 10th - 102°
  • Friday, June 11th - 99
  • Saturday, June 12th - 97°

So it looks like we're going to be hitting 100 degrees by at least Tuesday, if not earlier by Sunday. It's going to hang around for a few days before cooling off by the following weekend, possibly get back into the 90s by Friday or Saturday.

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