Everyone has gone through this phase in the start of a new relationship and experience the same result after a year of dating. Everyone is a tad shy in the beginning of a relationship then finally open up after a year.

This couple gives a few examples of what couples go through from the beginning versus a year of dating. I know the ladies, and we do act shy when it comes to having a meal with our maybe Mr. potential for the first time. But after a year, we pass on the salad and eat a real meal like our man! As for the sex life, beginners go at it like rabbits non-stop and after a year it dies down for some of course. Another thing that finally passes is going number two after eating a harsh meal. In the start of a relationship we get a little shy having to pass gas, but after a year it's simple like giving your girlfriend a famous dutch oven!

You be the judge on the difference of a relationship in the beginning versus a year.