First, in 2020 most El Pasoans were worried about COVID-19 and did our best to help each other survive this pandemic.

Once vaccinations arrived a lot of us rushed to get our shot stat. Granted at first it was a process and quite a wait for those wanting their vaccination.

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Most people started hoping for the better after some of us landed an appointment for our vaccine. You should know we (El Paso) had it pretty bad when they had inmates helping move bodies of the deceased into the storage unit.

Well, a few months ago is when we learned of the delta variant that was going around.

It was another scare we faced when the delta variant started spreading throughout the nation and even Texas. The delta variant has actually been causing chaos in most of the state of Texas minus El Paso.

That kind of sounds surprising to read, doesn't it?

Well, Texas Tribune recently mentioned how El Paso has one of the highest vaccination rates has remained in good standing.

The director of BorderRAC, Wanda Helgesen, mentioned to Texas Tribune how she gives credit to the community for doing our part. Granted there are some people who actually can't get the vaccine due to medical reasons.

As a community, we should feel proud of how the delta variant didn't allow hell to break loose in El Paso. All we can hope for now is getting through this pandemic and hopefully see more of the unvaccinated get vaccinated stat.

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