The Wizard of Oz hit the silver screen exactly 80 years ago today (8/25)! It's been 80 years since we met Dorothy Gale, played by the incredibly talented Judy Garland. Now, to commemorate 80 years of the classical musical, Google is paying tribute with an awesome Easter egg.

All you have to do it Google the words The Wizard of Oz. That's it, the results should look something like this:

wizard of oz google

To discover the pretty cool Easter egg, all you have to do is click on the iconic ruby slippers to your right. You'll instantly be transformed back in time, in a land of black and white, much like the Kansas Dorothy lives in.

wizard sepia results

To go back to the future and have your results back to normal colors, hit the tornado, that has now taken the place of those ruby slippers. It's all very much reflects the head spinning way Dorothy enters and exits Oz. The Easter egg works both on mobile and desktop browsers. No word on when or if his Easter egg will soon disappear, so check it out for yourself now!

This isn't the first time that Google does one of these cool Easter eggs. Back in April when Avengers: Endgame came out, they did this really cool trick when you Googled "Thanos" and you got to relive the moment Thanos got a dose of his own medicine. Which just goes to show that Google doesn't reserve these cool things just for recent blockbusters, but for the icons as well! That Thanos Easter Egg is still available for you to check out on Google, so it's possible that this Wizard of Oz one will still be available in later months!


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