They're pretty bad but, honestly, I live for these things ... especially around Halloween.

Halloween is all about the spooky for me. Decorations, stories, visits to haunted places and, of course, watching lots of horror movies.

From well done, totally scary masterpieces down to flicks that are almost painful; I love 'em all.

It would actually be pretty hard for me to pick a favorite horror movie anywhere on the best to worst scale.

There's just too damn many of 'em.

One movie, that is said to be the worst horror movie ever made, was filmed in and around El Paso in 1966.

Yeah, that's pretty bad ... watch the whole thing here.

My favorite, "bad", horror movie that was filmed near El Chuco was actually shot in and around Carlsbad, NM. They also filmed under Carlsbad.

A special section of Carlsbad Caverns, known as the left hand tunnel, was used for part of my best, "worst".

It wasn't then, nor is it now, open to the public. Although, they do offer private, guided tours of it.

That's how I found out one of my faves had been filmed there.

Gargoyles tells the tale of a bunch of, well ... gargoyles, secretly living in underground caves.

When one of the gargoyle's is hit by a researcher's car, they take him home, ('cuz, why not?) and try to heal him.

This really ticks off Daddy Gargoyle who snatches the researchers daughter and tries to broker a trade. Watch the whole thing here, go ahead ... I dare 'ya.

I'm telling you, it's pretty bad ... especially the head gargoyles voice filter.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend it.

I'll share a few more "best, worsts" with you as Halloween approaches.

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