This weekend the horror movie that everyone has been clamoring about, Day Shift, was released onto Netflix. The movie stars Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter in LA & he pairs up with Snoop Dogg to aid him throughout the film.

To say it was a success... well that's putting it MILDLY. According to Jamie Foxx, who posted THIS on his Twitter, I'd say Day Shift has done fairly well:

#1 in 79 countries...that's definitely impressive. But you know what I found the most interesting? The woman who produced Day Shift: Yvette Yates Redick.

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Day Shift" - Arrivals
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She was born October 13th, 1978 right here in El Paso, Texas. She's had over a dozen roles in various movies/tv shows since 2007 (she even did voice acting/motion capture for the video game Red Dead Redemption in 2010).

You might remember Yvette as Virgelina in the 2011 movie Without Men. 

Or maybe you remember her as Anna in 2012's El Gringo.

Probably one of her biggest roles was Zabeth in the 2015 movie Bloodsucking Bastards, where she shared the screen with a pre-Mandalorian Pedro Pascal.

Yvette does return to town to support the arts, like back in 2015 at the Plaza Classic Film Festival at the Plaza Theater. She's even done for a local kids theater production group, Kids 'N' Co a while back.

Even though she's a star in Hollywood, she's always reminding people on social media (or in interviews) about El Paso being her home.

I love seeing El Paso actors (& actresses) flourish in Hollywood. It's amazing how a dream of being a local actor can work out in the end. We've seen it happen to Germaine Franco, Maeve Gray, & tons of other celebrities born in El Paso. Who will be the next one? Only time will tell...

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