The CarnEvil Haunted House will have it's grand opening this evening. The home to killer clowns that awaits your anxious arrival. Just before the big opening day, people affiliated with media got to walk through it. I was part of the media crowd that got to experience what you will tonight or when you get the chance. All I can say is the CarnEvil Haunted House sure can scare a woman in her 30's.

As I have mentioned I suffer from Coulrophobia and faced my fear last night at CarnEvil Haunted House. People questioned if it was okay for me to go through it since I am pregnant. You will encounter so many clowns and familiar horror characters along the way. There are two passages you can take, one that says not scary and another that says very scary. I won't say what passage my group took but will say CarnEvil screams scary inside and out. Our faces say it all about how scary the CarnEvil Haunted House really is above.

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