This is a bonus video that goes along with Nico Adjemian’s very sweaty adventure at CarnEvil, the KLAQ Haunted House at 1840 Lee Trevino Suite # 205 (open this weekend Thursday through Sunday). If you want to see a guy sweat like a fat kid playing dodgeball then watch this!

Seriously, though, I don’t sweat that much in a steam room.

Immediately after that, some of the Spook House workers and I decided to have a little more fun with Nico. We convinced him that the CarnEvil experience wasn’t over yet; that we were only at the half-way point! We convinced him that he had to go into the building right next door for the SECOND half of his on-going nightmare.

Oh. We also convinced the human sweat fountain that the entrance to Part 2 of the haunted house was cleverly disguised…as one of the Port-O-Potties lining the wall.

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