Wait for it. If you clicked to read this article from Facebook, go back and read the comments. It's almost a guarantee you'll see at least comment talking about how this is the Democrats fault because they let the whole country burn last year because they told BLM and Antifa to riot. Well, that's simply not true, but some people can't be reasoned with.

As we sit here almost a week removed from the events at the Capitol Building, it's amazing how deeply rooted some people are and how they're willing to spin the events to favor their beliefs. Here's a reminder of how Donald Trump feels when someone opposes his views.

That's from 2016! That doesn't even include all the times he's encouraged violence since he's been in office. We saw a precursor to the Capitol Building riots back before the election when a group of MAGA supporters swarmed a Biden/Harris bus.

The sad thing is, the violence at the Capitol Building is not surprising. It's on par with Trump's presidency. Look at how they got the crowd riled up just before the events at the Capitol Building.

Let me finish with this. I get not liking Democrats. I proudly vote for all different parties. And you have the rights to your opinions. We won't always agree on everything. But has your hatred for the Democrats made these actions okay to you? Don't compromise your standards out of spite. You can not like both. But more importantly, if you're a Republican, you should demand more from your party. You should be holding your politicians to higher standards than this.

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