The sun is rising later in the mornings and the weather is starting to get chilly which makes it hard for El Pasoans who enjoy getting their daily exercise in early. One of the most popular activities for active El Pasoans is Scenic Sunday when the City of El Paso shuts down Scenic Drive to allow runners, joggers, bikers, skateboarders, and more the opportunity to use Scenic Drive safely.

During other times, Scenic Drive can be dangerous for people to be exercising on., with the sharp turns and non-existent shoulder. Many drivers can be seen speeding down the winding road as well, making it treacherous for pedestrians. Thankfully, the City of El Paso knows the value of allowing exercise activities like this in the city available, and Scenic Sundays were born.

Every Sunday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.Scenic Drive is closed to vehicles between Wheeling and Robinson Avenue. Exercise enthusiasts have free use of the road and can enjoy the beautiful views of the Franklin Mountains.

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El Paso is known for all the amazing hiking trails that are available but sometimes those trails can be hard to traverse. When I go hiking, I'm always afraid of rolling ankles due to the uneven terrain. Scenic Sundays allow people to enjoy the outdoor exercise on a paved road, where the chances of then tripping are minimal. So this is a great thing for uncoordinated people like myself.

For more information on Scenic Sundays, please visit the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department at their website and Facebook page.

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