Here is what we're talking about on this episode of The After Buzz.

  • My mom and sister were visiting over the weekend and it was awesome.
    • Took them to a Chihuahua game.
    • Had a real nice dinner with the in-laws on Saturday.
    • Took them to Old Mesilla and the haunted Double Eagle.
    • And on Monday went for a drive around the Franklin Mountains and enjoyed some pozole.
  • I have lots of 8th grade Washington DC stories:
    • I spilled my drink on the plane flight out to DC. So I had to use my change of clothes on the plane.
    • My friends and I negotiated for a fake (and possibly stolen) necklace on the streets of DC.
    • We also wanted to go to Hooters but thought there was an age limit. So we went to the food court and sat at a table outside the restaurant.
    • I got special tickets to a Baltimore Orioles game.
    • I listened to Pink Floyd's The Wall countless times. Seriously, that thing was on loop over and over and over and over again.
    • And a truly horrible part of the story, a girl from another school that was staying in the same hotel as us died in her sleep.
  • And I also have a some more life hacks.

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