It's an Independence Day Eve edition of The After Buzz and here are the thing covered in this episode:

  • Some Independence Day/4th of July facts so you can sound smart when you're hanging out with your friends an family over the holiday.
    • I also make a correction. I misspoke during the MoSho and made sure to correct my error here on The After Buzz.
  • Colin Kaepernick apparently had a problem with some Nike shoes that had the Betsy Ross 13 star flag on the heels. I guess Nike has forgotten that Kaepernick has worn socks portraying police officers as pigs and a pro-Fidel Castro t-shirt. But hey, I guess it only counts if the apparel has an oppressive symbol that Kaepernick is offended by.
  • Be sure to head on over to my blog about the song from Lincoln's Box Seats, which is also the guys behind Article 15Range 15, etc. CLICK HERE to go to that blog.
  • And I wrap up this episode with some 4th of July stories.

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