This week both Nico and Buzz joined me for the After Buzz. We continued out conversation from the Morning Show about paranormal things. I shared a story from years ago about a house that my cousin lived in that was haunted.

Then we start getting ready for May the Fourth (Star Wars Day), with Nico playing host for our trivia contest. And I've started to notice something. Buzz is really particular about the questions he's asked in a trivia contest. And by "particular", I mean he only likes the questions he knows. If he doesn't know it it's a "bad question".

So we try to give Nico a feel for the questions that Buzz will know, so he can properly host our Star Wars trivia game.

***UPDATE*** Buzz ended up beating me in the second to last question. So I had to put the Jedi robe that Nico funked up on my head for 90 seconds while Buzz beat me with a lightsaber.