Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th is Star Wars Day, in case you weren't aware.

Do you know WHY May the 4th is Star Wars Day? Because...wait for it...May the Fourth be with you!

Ah, that never gets old. For Star Wars Day we had a special B vs. B: Buzz vs. Brandon in Star Wars trivia. The original bet was that the winner gets to cane the loser with a lightsaber for 90 seconds while wearing Jedi robes. But when Nico brought in the Jedi robes I had loaned him to go film a video with, they smelled so terrible that we altered the bet. The loser would have to get caned while wearing the now-disgusting smelling Jedi robes over their head.

I can't stress enough how awful these robes smelled. They were the stinkiest garments I've ever smelled and I've changed plenty of diapers. The previous record holder was the locker room at the local minor league hockey team arena. These robes smelled much, much worse and that locker room really should be condemned.

Here's the question Brandon lost on:

  • "What Sith apprentice killed his master without ever getting his own apprentice?"

Brandon buzzed in first and answered "Darth Plagueis."

Ha! Darth Plagueis! Can you believe this jamoke?!? Darth Plagueis. SMH.

I think I just realized how George Lucas came up with the names for his bad guys. First, you take a word that has a negative meaning or connotation. Then, you leave off part of the word, add something to it or spell it different. Then you add "Darth" to the beginning. Voila! You have your villain in a multi-billion dollar movie franchise!

Let me show you:

  • Insidious- Meaning "evil". Drop the "IN" and add "Darth". = Darth Sidious
  • Plague- meaning a disease that kills many people. Add "is" and "Darth"=Darth Plaugeis.

It works with every single one!

  • "Vader"=Invader (yeah, yeah. I know it means "father" in German, too)
  • "Tyrannus"= Tyrannical
  • "Maul" = maul; like a vicious animal mauls it's prey.

Pretty creative, George. I'm surprised we never had a "Darth Badguyis" or "Darth Antagonistia"

Here's video of the contest and Brandon's putrid punishment. (Fast forward to 2:40:00 or so to go straight to the punishment).

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