Great music, great food, great fun! That's El Paso's Downtown StreetFest. But there's so much to see and do, you might miss some of it.

Fear not -- it's the StreetFest Slowdown, where we take a turn through the whole party cruising low and slow. Maybe we saw you!

Day One of StreetFest was an absolute blast! Three Days Grace headlined, with Better Than Ezra and Fozzy starting things off. But as you've probably heard us say (or just heard if you were there), they weren't the only bands there last night. Over 30 bands played on five stages.

I brought out the slow-motion camera to catch a few of those bands, plus a look at the new Arts & Craft section in the Arts Festival Plaza, a turn to see what some of our vendors are offering, and to participate in one of the most popular activities at StreetFest -- people-watching.

Contrary to what that friendly police officer might tell you, there's PLENTY to see here! It's the StreetFest Slowdown for Day One, set to Better Than Ezra's new single, "Crazy Lucky".

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