Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham posted an update about their new album on Twitter. It wasn't a surprise but very thoughtful Abe Cunningham answered a vital question. I guess I'm not the only one questioning when we can expect to see a new album from them. We have been teased since last year about Deftones new album being released. Just a couple months ago Deftones keyboardist Frank Delgado told Forte it is almost complete.

The only problem is this was before Covid-19 put a stop to social gatherings. Since social distancing requires 6 feet difference that means the guys can't be together. If Covid-19 didn't exist the guys would be a lot closer to wrapping up their new album. It is difficult to finish an album while you're in isolation. Deftones Twitter page is where Abe Cunningham expressed a kind message and gave a heads up about their new album. If we've had this much patience since forever ago, then we can have a little more now. You can catch the guys on their Twitch page when they host Livestream events.

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