It's the last day of the year and the best/worst lists have already been floating around for a while now. Here comes another one!

This time it's a "worst of" list I found at  I agree with some of them (Geoff Tate, I'm looking at you...)  but In This Moment?  Really??  That disc kicks ASS!!

Check out the whole list and see what you think!

Now, how about the best metal releases of 2012; what do you guys think?

I really liked the  Soundgarden "King Animal" disc.  "The Connection" from Papa Roach made my list also and I loved The Avengers Soundtrack; though it wasn't done by A particular band.  (I was listening to that one in my truck on the way in this morning!)  Shinedown came through in 2012 as did my Lzzy and Halestorm!

There were others I really got into, but I wanna know about you guys here in the Chuco area!

El Paso, Cruces, Alamogordo, Silver City .... all around the Borderland; who made your 2012 metal/hard rock top 10?  Let me know below or on the Q facebook page!!  Here's another of my 2012 faves ... and one of my all time favorite videos. (I like the funny ones!)

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