2021 is wasting no time in trying to upstage its warm-up act; 2020.

2020 brought us lots of fun things in addition to the pandemic. Thankfully, 2021 finally arrived and we began to think that things might be looking up. Not so fast though peeps, not so fast.

After a calm and restful first week, protestors stormed the capitol building in Washington and our outgoing POTUS lost his mind. He even got kicked off several social media platforms. Then they announced that a new, even more dangerous, form of COVID 19 had made it not only to the United States but, is here in Texas.

Now, also in Texas, 2021's answer to 2020's murder hornetsdiseased insects, and  zombie crickets comes in the form of gigantic lizards. I'm not kidding. These bad boys are about the size of dogs, are very intelligent, and will eat ANYTHING. According to National Geographic:

They’ll chomp on the eggs of ground-nesting animals such as birds and reptiles, including endangered sea turtles. They’ll snack on doves and other small animals. They’ll snag strawberries and other fruits and vegetables that grow low to the ground.

They are also pretty tough and are very hard to get rid of once they have established themselves in any given area. Suddenly, I'm reminded of the scene in Jurassic Park where the small dinosaurs attack and kill the IT guy. (Refresh your memory in the video below ... scroll in about 1:44.)

I really can't wait to see what happens next around here.

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