Well, they're not exactly crickets but, whatever the hell they are, they seem to be the opening episode of the August season of "Earth, 2020".

This year just keeps getting weirder.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the murder hornets, to the rioting, to the bonus mosquito-borne viruses to earthquakes and wildfire season, this year has not let up.

Now, in addition to an exceptionally active hurricane season, here comes more fun from the insect world..."Zombie" Cicadas have been spotted in West Virginia.

No, they are not fans of Rob Zombie, though, he could totally write a song about these things since they are true, zombie-like creatures.

According to a yahoo.com article, Zombie Cicadas suffer from Massosporaa form of "insect rabies." It affects the insect's mind and body, causing males to act like females that are ready to mate. Males respond and are infected with Massospora while doing the dirty.

Then, the Massosopora will begin to eat away at the cicada's abdomen from the inside, filling it up with yellow fungal spores. Not only will the now zombie-like cicada lose half its body to this ferocious fungus, but it will be brainwashed and tricked into performing female mating rituals in order to continue spreading the virus. Think of it as a living death—the cicada will continue to exist, but in a mutated life form. - yahoo

Could 2020 get any damn creepier? (Read more here ... if you really want to.)

While this disease will eventually kill the cicada, it poses no direct threat to humans so, for once this year, we're ok. Certain Cicadas, however, can live underground for 13-17 years at a time so, we may not be completely off the hook.

All we need is COVID-19 to somehow use that dormant period to morph this thing into something that does affect humans and the zombie apocalypse we've been joking about for years may finally get here after all.

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