This thing is the creepiest, weirdest, most disgusting flying insect I have ever heard of.

I've been to Arizona a zillion times but, somehow, had never heard of this crazy bug.

It can hurt you too and how it does it is kind of disturbing.

Pete Alexopoulos
Pete Alexopoulos

To be fair, every state has its share of bugs and many of them are a little on the gross side. Texas, for example, has these monster, red-headed centipedes.

These suckers can get up to 8 inches in length and they do have a painful bite. See a pic here.

The bite itself is not only painful, it can cause swelling, nausea, headaches, and tissue damage.

New Mexico State Flag

Not to be outdone, New Mexico has a super creepy looking bug that ... while downright ugly ... isn't anything to be scared of.

Vinegaroons look hideous and can spray a vinegar - like substance to run off threats. That's the creepy part, on the upside, whatever that stuff it is, it's harmless to humans.

Don't worry about that stinger either, it's only used for touch. They can't sting you with it. Check one out here.


Now, here comes Arizona's contribution. Ladies and Gents, meet the Blister Beetle. That name alone is weird.

The Blister Beetle has a scary, wasp-like appearance. (See one here.) That's the first strike.

They're also huge, growing up to a couple of inches in length. Another "nope" ... huge, menacing looking bugs are not my thing.

Finally, the part that earned them the "creepy, disgusting, scary, dangerous" adjectives.

What makes them dangerous is their ability to pop their own blood vessels in leg joints which allows a yellowish blood to ooze out. That yellow blood creates blisters similar to poison ivy. - 

Yeah ... no.

Arizona can keep those freakin' things.

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