I consider myself a snack aficionado. I love snacks, and I thought I knew all the snacks that were out there, that is until I came across this article.

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The article is entitled: Snack Foods Unique To Texas and I thought, while scrolling through it that I would definitely know all the snacks on the list-I was wrong!

On the list, are your typical Texan favorites like:

State Fair of Texas/ Big Tex
State Fair of Texas/ Big Tex
  • Texas Toast- which we all know is superior to regular toast. Texas toast can be used for making French toast or just having it toasted and buttered is amazing.
  • Texas Kolaches- which I recently found out about, and Nico was nice enough to bring me one for breakfast so I can say that I am a fan!
  • Southern Fried Okra- which I've never had but it sound delicious

But the one snack that I had never heard of on the list? Texas Trash. With a name like that, I'm not surprised I've never heard of it- then again, I'm from El Paso, which many can agree is considered kind of a Texas outsider.

After some thorough research, I discovered that Texas Trash is basically Chex Mix!

Party Mix Background

It's Chex Mix, but with a kick! Everything in Texas is better with a little kick and this Texas Trash is no different because you add hot sauce to the mix! If you've never made it before, check out this simple recipe.

I love Chex Mix, it's the perfect snack for a night of having a couple of cold ones with friends, and I do love spicy foods, so Texas Trash definitely seems like it's up my alley!

And if you're looking for a simpler recipe, sans the spicy butter mix, check out Buzz's mom's original Chex Mix recipe!

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