There are quite a few people who appreciate specialty snacks in the borderland. Some of those specialty snacks vary at the new shop that will be opening. El Paso can get ready to please their tastebuds at the new snack joint that's coming.

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Now there are other snack shops you've probably been to overtime in El Paso. Hell, we definitely know of one place that Chingo Bling blew up in a video of his. Last year in July Chingo Bling, his wife, and a friend had time to kill before their flight.

All three of them hit up Shorty's Snack Shack and recorded a video of them eating their snacks. Chingo Bling and his crew were blown away by the snacks they enjoyed eating. Unfortunately, last year Shorty's Snack Shack permanently closed due to Covid-19.

There are other snack shops scattered around El Paso such as Snack Attack, The Snack Lounge, and Festival Snacks. Well, there is another snack spot that will be opening to the public soon. The Snack Room 915 will be opening at 304 East Overland that is right across the street from The Colour Room 915.

The Snack Room 915 will have paletas (all-natural fruit bars) dipped in chamoy or tajin. Paletas will be their sweet treats but will also feature salty snacks as well. They will serve Juarez-style hotdogs for those with a salty tooth. So if you've been looking for a new snack joint to try, you know where to go. Just check out the video below to get a peek inside the new snack shop below.

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