Tis the season to put those adorable reindeer antlers and red nose on your car. I have to admit, I really enjoy seeing cars with the antlers, I think it's so adorable!

While everyone wants to get their car in the holiday spirit as well, how much Christmas spirit is too much for your car? For instance, can you add full on Christmas lights to your car?

I was inspired by this colorful display from local entertainer Rick Carrillo, who you may know as the guy who creates impressive holiday light shows at his own home; well, he also created an impressive light display on his truck!

Rick Car
Rick Car

It looks amazing, right? Carrillo did this for the holiday parade downtown, but I wondered, can he cruise like that on a regular night? The answer may surprise you.

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The internet had a wide variety of answers ranging from "nope" to "certainly!" Over on a forum that lists some of the rules on the Texas Transportation code, it doesn't specifically say "no Christmas lights whatsoever." It does mention "beams with an intensity brighter than 300 candlepower", flashing light and emergency sirens are a no-no.

But nowhere does it say that Christmas lights are forbidden. However, this Reddit thread does warn that it would be safe to contact your local law enforcement and check firsthand.


The consensus seems to be that no officer wants to be a Grinch and give you a ticket for Christmas lights- but if they are obstructing your view, reconsider- and maybe don't over do it.

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