They say everything is bigger in Texas and, by and large, (no pun intended), they're right.

Texas is home to large animals, cities that are large and loud, some gigantic wind farms and huge boots just to name a few things.

We even go big when it comes to official state things. Official state animals for example ... we have a bunch.

When it comes to cities, we have some monsters. For example:

  • Houston - 2,302,878
  • San Antonio - 1,472,909
  • Dallas - 1,299,544
  • Austin - 974,447
  • Fort Worth - 956,709
  • El Paso - 956,709

On the other side of the coin, we also have some really small towns. Some of them are super tiny.

Texas cities number in the 2000's and they're not all heavily populated. Some barely have a population at all.

Falman, Texas for example has a population of 7. Assuming one is a cop, he's going to have a pretty stellar record for crime solving. With 1 in 6 odds of just guessing correctly, he probably wouldn't even have to visit the scene of the crime.

Other small towns in Texas include Elbert and Mentone, Texas who tied at 8 citizens. Gutierrez Texas, has 9 peeps and then, 4 towns in, we finally crack double digits.

Santa Monica, Texas has exactly 10 residents.

I didn't know we had a Santa Monica, I thought that was a just a California thing. We do have a Frisco but it's just Frisco, no "San" or "Fran".

It goes a long way from there before we hit triple digits. La Rosita, Texas cracked that barrier at an even 100.

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