Texas salon owner Shelley Luther has flown to Michigan to support a barber who had his license suspended for cutting hair during the state's lockdown. The Texas salon owner who made national headlines for defying the Lone Star state's stay-at-home orders is making headlines again. Shelley Luther kept her salon, Salon a la Mode, open in defiance of the state's emergency order banning hair salons and barbershops from opening. The beautician said she was staying open to help her pay bills and support her employees who needed the money. She was sentenced to a week in jail before Governor Abbott opened salons sooner than expected. She spent 48 hours in jail, according to the Texas Tribune.

Luther is now in Michigan, lending her notoriety to a barber who had his license suspended by the state. 77-year-old barber Karle Manke reopened his shop in the small Michigan town of Owosso. The shop was open for a little over a week before state regulators suspended his license. Luther said she heard Manke's story and decided to reach out to him, according to WJRT. Luther's boyfriend is from nearby Frankenmuth so the couple flew out to Michigan to hold a press conference with the elderly barber. Shelley Luther also addressed Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has upheld the stay-at-home restrictions in the state:

"Why does your governor think that it's OK to open up for marijuana, liquor sales? Can't you get an abortion? But you cannot get your hair cut. What is wrong? Stop being a tyrant. Open up. You don´t get this control. We control you. We have the power."

Luther also said that the state of Michigan will "vote her out." Governor Whitmer has defended the decision to continue restrictions in the state to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. On Monday, the governor did lift some restrictions in areas of Michigan that hadn't been hit as hard by the virus. Michigan has become a battleground state for those who want restrictions lifted in their state. Governor Whitmer has been strong on her resolve to continue those restrictions until this week.

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