We shouldn't be surprised to see Texas ranked in the spot we placed in for worst to best capital cities. The 50 state capitals were recently ranked from worst to best on Wallethub's list. I thought wrong when I assumed Sacramento, California would be at the top. But the results should make you feel proud to be a part of the second-largest U.S. state. But to be able to identify the best capital cities was to focus on 4 important things. In order to narrow it down to the best Wallethub looked at affordability, economic well-being, quality of education and health, and the quality of life.

I was extremely happy and agreed where Texas was ranked for the worst to best capital cities. I am pretty sure you could also agree about Austin, Texas placing in 1st place. A few years ago I had gone to Austin, Texas to visit my good friend after a breakup. Once I arrived by Amtrak, I was mesmerized by the noise, tall buildings, and friendly residents. Not only that, but Austin also has the best places to enjoy a nice hike. Hell, when I visited me and my friend did a little stalking-mish by Matthew McConaughey's house. I also love how many artsy projects surround the city on buildings walls. You can see those artsy walls in the pictures I have shared below. My favorite one out of them all was the Mister Roger's mural I took a picture with. Keeping Austin, Texas weird is a good thing since they are number one for best capital city out of them all.

Austin Texas Trip

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