"Hocus Pocus 2" is finally out!


After 29 years the Sanderson sisters return to Salem! As someone who loved the original- I was super excited for the sequel. And, despite what many think, I loved it.

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Someone who really doesn't love it is Jamie Gooch (yes, Gooch!) of Central Texas has a bone to pick with Disney and their involvement of witches.

Gooch thinks that you will be exposing your children to "the darkness" if you allow your kids to watch "Hocus Pocus 2". And while I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, this sounds asinine. It's a movie! Might we suggest a calming circle for her?

If she's really upset about the sequel, I've got five other movies that she totally shouldn't allow her kids to watch like:

The Craft 

This one also involves witches, and if anything, it's like a teenage version of "Hocus Pocus". This one has actual incantation that the Gooch may believe will somehow manifest outside of the TV.


Well we know her stance on witches but what about her stance on vampires? What darkness will Edward Cullen unleash on your children?

Harry Potter (any Harry Potter) 

I wonder what she thinks about wingardium leviosa? I wonder if she allowed her kids to watch this before?

Corpse Bride 

Will watching this unleash actual corpse brides? Zombies?

Hocus Pocus

We know her feelings on the sequel, but what about the original? In the first one you actually see the Sanderson sisters suck the life out of a child! Did she see this one and come to her conclusion that it unleashes the darkness?

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